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1 in 4* Americans who are 18 years of age or older have a mental health disorder, and many people experience multiple mental health disorders at the same time.  In order to choose the best treatment option for you, it is important to be informed about the available choices for mental health support. Seek treatment and support for your mental health will help improve your overall well-being and the quality of your relationships.

If you live in Minnesota, in the Minneapolis and Shoreview areas, and are looking for in-person and online therapy options to help with trauma, anxiety, depression, adoption issues, and more, Morningsong Therapy Center has a list of resources that include  personalized, individualized therapy, hotlines, and government resources. Please review the list below if you are seeking local mental health resources in Minneapolis and Shoreview or Minnesota.

Mental health resources, Minneapolis

The city of Minneapolis has compiled a list of mental health resources for adults, children, and anyone in crisis. They provide resources for substance abuse, disaster distress, trauma, racism, and mental health emergencies.

National Alliance on Mental Illness, Minnesota

The National Alliance on Mental Illness – Minnesota (NAMI) educates and advocates for residents of Minnesota who need mental health support. They work to improve the quality of life for people living with a mental illness and their families. NAMI Minnesota provides support, education, and advocacy programs at the community level. They want anyone who is living with a mental illness to know that they are there to support you.

Adult crisis response phone numbers, Minnesota

The department of human services in Minnesota has compiled a list of mental health crisis response phone numbers for adults. You can select your location on a map and then will find the relevant number to call.

Children and families, Minnesota

The Minnesota Department of Human Services helps ensure that children are in a safe environment and provides caregivers support to care for their children. They have a list of resources that include child support, food assistance programs, child protection services, and more.

Crisis Text Line, National

The Crisis Text Line offers free support 24/7 to anyone in any type of psychical or emotional crisis. When someone sends a message to the text line, a Crisis Counselor responds and provides support.

Mental Health USA, National

Mental Health USA creates supportive communities for people who are living with mental health challenges. They bring awareness to certain topics and provide education about mental health challenges. They offer workshops, trainings, and other resources that work to remove the stigma of support for mental health.

*Mental Health Disorder Statistics. (2019, November 19). Johns Hopkins Medicine. Retrieved from https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/health/wellness-and-prevention/mental-health-disorder-statistics

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