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Art Therapy

Art Therapy Why Art Therapy? Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that combines psychotherapy and the creative process to promote transformation, growth, and healing. Art therapy relies on active art-making, the creative process, neuroscience, applied psychological theory, human experience, and the psychotherapeutic relationship. Throughout the art process, the art therapist’s job is to create [...]

Medication Management

Medication Management Our Psychiatry & Medication Management Providers specialize in the treatment of mental health conditions by prescribing psychiatric medications. Since psychotherapy is now primarily provided by psychologists and social workers, our psychiatric providers have increasingly focused on the medical aspects of treating mental health conditions. This includes assessment, prescribing psychiatric medications, ordering and interpreting [...]

Minneapolis Adoption Therapy

Adoption Therapy Bringing up adopted children can be an immensely rewarding experience, but there’s no doubt that it often comes with difficulties. At Morningsong Therapy Center in Minneapolis, we have experienced family therapists who specialize in adoption therapy, helping parents deal with the unique challenges of bringing up adopted children. Getting the right help can [...]

Online Sessions

Online Sessions Some of us prefer online sessions or live busy lifestyles and are unable to visit our Minneapolis clinic for an in-person appointment. If you are already in therapy, or if you need professional emotional support, online therapy sessions or telehealth can provide the care that you need. If you are coming in for [...]


Therapy Are you suffering from feelings of depression, anxiety, or despair that won’t go away? Do you yearn to live a life full of joy where you are fulfilling your potential, and living your best life? At Morningsong Therapy Center in Minneapolis you can rest assured that you will receive professional, compassionate, and effective treatment [...]

Trauma Therapy

Trauma Therapy Are you looking for effective trauma therapy with a compassionate therapist dedicated to you? At Morningsong Therapy Center in Minneapolis we offer high-quality therapy for those looking to overcome the trauma they’re struggling with. We use modern, evidence-based techniques to create meaningful, lasting change in our client’s lives. Many of our therapists have [...]