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Since you were a little kid, your grandmother has been telling you that “you are beautiful.”  You’re convinced that she says that because she is biased and she doesn’t understand current body image standards.  What you know is regardless of what you weigh, you feel fat, ugly, and unpopular.  But no matter how you try to style or color your hair; or how much you spend on clothes that look good on everyone else but you; despite a million different diets, even when you’re successful at dropping a clothes size: you just don’t feel good about yourself.

Changing the way you feel about your body

We support the body-positivity movement that is changing the way people feel about themselves.  The natural consequence of this change in attitude and the way you care for yourself means that you will be inherently healthier – independent of a number on the scale.  is about acceptance, learning to love yourself, and striving to live a more healthy lifestyle, both in body and spirit.  It’s about changing negative outlooks to positive outcomes. It’s about increasing your self-esteem. It’s about feeling better about your body and about yourself.

Positive results and happier people

Morningsong therapists have produced positive results and happier people.  For example, we don’t encourage dieting; we don’t weigh or measure food; we teach you about intuitive eating.  But more importantly, you will feel more energetic, committed to change, and you will learn that good health is a choice and the result of lifestyle behaviors that have nothing to do with what you weigh.  You will learn to love and trust the person looking back at you in the mirror.

Healthy mindset, healthy body image

At Morningsong Therapy Center, helping you nurture a healthy mindset is our goal. This healthy mindset is the key to seeing yourself differently: the real you as you want to feel and not mired in negativity.  Our caring therapists strive to develop a deep and meaningful bond with you; someone with whom you can trust with your deepest concerns. We are more than a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on.  We don’t just feel your pain, we give you the necessary tools to get unstuck, move forward, and experience joy.

Therapy in Minneapolis for healthy body Image

If you or someone you love is struggling with body image, please reach out to Morningsong Therapy Center by calling or filling out the contact form and clicking send. Our skilled clinicians will be honored to join you in your journey. Contact us today.

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