We as precious beings often struggle because we embody the false narrative that we are not enough. It is not difficult to see how this impacts our sense of well being and our ability to engage fully in our own lives. The counterpart to the relentless feelings of not being enough is a constant state of striving.

It makes sense that we would cling to the idea that somehow our efforts to be the best, to be better, to be beautiful, to be liked, to be rich, to be anything and everything that is deemed good or even the best.

How do we become happy?

The tricky part is despite our persistent efforts, we still feel empty and unhappy. Happiness is an inside job which cannot be attained by the pursuit of accomplishments or acquisitions.

Feeling good with who we are, really feeling a deep sense of self-acceptance is a journey, a commitment to ourselves. It is slowing down and challenging our held beliefs and creating a new story for our life. It is rummaging through our past, our boxed-up belongings of self and story and picking out the pieces that belong. It is a long walk through our values and history to come to a place that feels familiar and is rich with who we are.

We are enough, you are enough. Every day is just the right amount of enough for us to be happy.

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Lisa Hill, MA, LMFT/founder

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