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That was King’s Dream – a society that can see each of us, as we are, with love. That is a goal worth fighting for. — Michelle Alexander

At the center of the work done at Morningsong, we strive to “see” all people and make space for their healing. On May 25, 2020, George Floyd was killed in a modern-day lynching. His death has magnified the tremendous legacy of racial disparity in our country. With the truth of the vast inequities for Black Americans (and all persons of color) unveiled for all to see, we are now tasked with dismantling power structures and recreating spaces that are just. We are in an unprecedented place in American history and one that is centuries overdue. The death of George Floyd has galvanized the efforts of many who have fought this fight for a long time, and we can no longer look the other way.

At Morningsong, this task is not taken lightly, and as the owner of Morningsong Therapy Center Inc. I am committed to examining our work practices, creating safe and equitable spaces for all staff and our clients. We will be looking at our current practice and creating systems that continuously and fairly address issues of bias and disparities, and embody the values shared by the staff at Morningsong Therapy Center Inc. We value all human beings, their experiences, and their desire to heal. We want all who work with us to feel cherished, safe, and honored.

Lisa Hill, MA, LMFT

June 12, 2020

To be human, at the most profound level, is to encounter honestly the inescapable circumstances that constrain us, yet muster the courage to struggle compassionately for our own individualities and for more democratic and free societies. — Cornel West

Daunte Wright

We are reeling in grief and writhing in pain over the death of Daunte Wright on April 11, 2021.  Another beautiful life cut short at the hands of a white police officer. To say it was an accident is to further discount the value of Black and brown bodies . Black and brown bodies are not safe in this system of white body supremacy.  We have to dig deep right now, center ourselves and enact our values with every action and step we take. Daunte was loved and he belonged. Daunte was important and he was valuable. Daunte lost his life because we live in a system that has protected a blue wall.  Tear it down, destroy it and rebuild it America, because your beauty is tainted and your hands are bloody.

“I am the unarmed black kid who maybe needed a hand, but instead was given a bullet.” –  Common

Lisa Hill, MA, LMFTFounder of MSTC April 14, 2021

Breathe and Release

As the trial of Derek Chauvin begins, I find myself pausing and reminding myself to breathe.  There are no words to describe the trauma he has caused so many, to George Floyd, to his family, to this community and to people who live in black and brown bodies.  Moreover, this trial represents every black and brown body decimated by white supremacy, ignorance, and fear.  This moment amplifies the historical legacy of the enslavement, the destruction, and the foot on the neck/oppression of so many American people.   The trial highlights the institutionalized racist practices that permeate our social structures.  This trial is for every black and brown body that has fallen at the hands of racialized hate.

The sanctity of this history in the making is real and raw.  I hope we can hold these moments dear and make space for real change.  We need to breathe in the pain, the reality of the truth and then release.

Release to what it is and to what we can become.

Lisa Hill

March 3, 2021

Resources Giveaway

MSTC continues with an exciting giveaway of books that expand your knowledge on the ideas of race. We did a big giveaway this past summer and these are still waiting to be sent out. We have 4 copies of Kendis “Stamped” and 4 copies of “This book is antiracist”, 1 copy of“I’m Still Here”, 1 copy of “White Rage”, 3 copies of “Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race” by Reni Eddo Lodge, and 5 copies of “The Color of Law”.  Email with your first and second choice. One per person and FCFS.


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